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How To Fix a Leaky Faucet

How to fix a leaky faucetDealing with a leaky faucet is unpleasant, but many times we are forced to handle this type of problem. I have had to deal with leaky faucets many times, so here is a quick guide that might be of service!

The first thing you need to do is to turn off the water that
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Preparing your Home Winter in Maine

Preparing Your Home For Winter in MainePreparing for winter in Maine can be very challenging, which is why you need to have the right approach if you want to go through this without a problem. It’s important to note that the winters in Maine are very cold, but sometimes we luck out and miss a few blizzards. Depending on
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Best Foods For Summer

Summer may very well be one of the most well-loved seasons there is. Granted, this is probably because it means no school for us younger folk, but it’s also because summer is a time when everyone goes outside and enjoys the warm weather, the beaches, and the parties. No matter what kind of activity you’re planning for the summer, they could almost all do with some great grilled
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Building Your Dream Home in New England

home builder maineIf you’re looking to build yourself a home sweet home in New England, there’s a lot of things to consider. Building a house is always a complex process, so there’s no easy way around that, but knowing what steps to take before you really tackle such a large project is definitely helpful. Here’s a quick rundown of
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Adding a Sunroom To Your Home

sunrooms southern maineAdding a sunroom to your home is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add value to your house, and here’s why: Space Don’t get into the habit of using your sunroom like a discarded conservatory for all the rubbish that doesn’t fit into your garage or attic. Properly kitting out a sunroom can provide lots of extra space in
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4 Things To Consider When Adding a Deck

deck builder southern maineAny type of home improvement regardless of how big or small it is initially, is always going to be a big decision - especially in southern Maine. We have tried to make it a little bit easier for you as far as adding a deck to your home is concerned. The question is to deck or
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What to Consider When Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

Maine SunroomMany people dream of having a beautiful sunroom in their homes but just don't know where to start. They know they want more space, great lighting, and a feeling of being in nature. If this describes you, here's what to consider when thinking about adding a sunroom to your home in Maine. 

How to Save Money on Spring Home Maintenance

JT Construction MEWith first rays of sunshine in the spring, I start getting the overwhelming need to declutter, clean and make everything in and around my house as bright and sparkly as the season that starts. But those beautiful first rays of sunshine also spotlight the aftermath of the winter; leaf-filled gutters, dead plants and every imperfection that was
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Adding a Garage To Your Home

Garage Builders in MaineAre you tired of parking outside of your home and not in a protected garage bay? On those rainy days, you just get drenched on the shortest walk from your front door to the car! This may seem like a great reason to add on a garage to your home and you are right. Or perhaps you even want
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